Journey’s Flow – A Sense of Resolve:

I have often thought about the purpose of Our Journey’s Flow and what makes it a worthwhile project to consume hours of my precious time. Time that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend reading. The only reason I can find is that despite my habit of seclusion, I do have a desire to be a useful piece of society. At the moment an online presence is the modern medium people are using to establish connection to each other. I have a lot to learn about blogging so hope to improve my storytelling and ability to offer useful information as time goes by.


What we hope to provide are:


So it was, that I wrote the following as an introduction to the last half of our lives. It is titled, “The Breeze…”



We felt a breeze that had begun many years ago and wondered why we had ignored it for so long. Our “Little B” had been whispering for us to pay attention but we were too distracted to hear. Both Deborah and I have reached a beautiful meadow at a wonderful moment in our lives and for the first time are actually paying attention to the little breeze that began so many years ago.

The wilderness has always been our common passion and we have always spoken of long and distant journeys of discovery. This year felt the first step towards our goal of not just reading about the adventures of someone else but to spread the dust of our travels across the land as well.

First we must remove the clutter we have acquired over the years. The possessions and mental clutter that cages us all. We began with a cabin… a cabin in the woods. We call it OLUS which stands for, “Our Lighten Up Spot”. And it will serve as our learning field. OLUS is quite simply our introduction to a simpler way of life, one that many are now migrating towards. I feel impelled to avoid the term “Tiny House” because it is becoming quite commercialized now. People have once again found a way to greedily exploit something beneficial and convert it to monetary gain and corporate profit.

So what was as a simple breeze has now reach our cabin in the woods, transformed into a wind of change. Blowing the colorful maple leaves towards a new purpose and inspiring us to do the same. Our journeys flow continues and we look forward to experiencing new places and welcoming new friends to our campfire…




-Longway & Lady On An Isle

Deer Park to Gray Wolf Loop: Part 01

  June 1-8, 2015 Hike Link To The Photo Album The Route: Deer Park to Obstruction Point. Obstruction Point to Gladys Lake. Gladys Lake to Upper Cameron Basin. Upper Cameron Basin to Dose Meadow. Dose Meadow to Gray Wolf Pass. Gray Wolf Pass to Cedar Lake. Cedar Lake to Three Forks Camp. Three Forks Camp to…