Welcome to the last half of our life…

This is our contribution to the thousands of online travel journals as we navigate our journeys flow across this beautiful planet.

Darjtt is the initials of both Me (tim) and Deborah. We are finding out how difficult it is to create a singular entity as a couple in a world of individuality. Much as been written about the psychology for and against such an endeavor which is quite comical considering the human ability to over think every aspect of life.

As it is now, I will try to figure out a way you will be able to tell who is writing the journal. I am confident you will quickly figure it out as our writing style are quite different. Basically, by next year (late-2015), I will be adding the photos and Deborah will be writing. Right now I will predominately be doing both.

At the moment we have been downsizing and making preparations to permanently move from Kingston Washington to OLUS (Our Lighten Up Spot) in Quilcene Washington. OLUS will become our basecamp as we travel.