Caldera Sidewinder With Inferno For Evernew 600 Pot.

In preparation for my 50 day hike around the Olympic Wilderness Rand at Trail Designs has set me up with a 5.6 ounce cook set. Going to test out the inferno option this weekend at Cape Disappointment. 

I don’t really care much about boil times when I am on the trail. Once I hit the trail all agendas are thrown away. However, at home I like to use boil time as a way to calculate the fuel efficiency so I know how much to bring. The 12-10 alcohol setup boiled 16oz of water in 4.36 minutes and used very little fuel ( I didn’t measure, sorry. Maybe a tablespoon or two).

Should of taken photo sooner. Rolling boil in 4.36 minutes.
I am happy with 5.6 ounces.





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