Heading to Toleak Point.


Dear Edison,

It appears as though this is going to be a wet hike. Monday is the only day listed as having no rain. Doesn’t matter much to me as long as I am hiking. The rain is just as beautiful as a sunny day. I never could understand fair weather hikers or why rain is a bad day and sun is a good day. Life won’t happen without either so I figure they are both good days.

Besides, we have the advantage of ridiculously high priced tech clothing that man seems to have made to do battle and conquer nature in total comfort. So the elements shouldn’t even be a concern for trail warriors.

I am as ready as I am going to be for a wonderful rainy hike. My itinerary is set for the Ashley factor and for the original plan Barefoot Jake and I set up. Either way this should be an adventurous time in the Olympics.

The Itinerary.


Enjoy your week!!


Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.


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