Jessica Enjoying The View and Looking For Shade.


Dear Edison,

Jessica and I camped one night at Camp Handy with Michael and Ian this past weekend. Here’s our story.


  • Me, “nivaun”
  • Jessica, “jess”
  • Michael “Barking Sasquatch” Kowalski
  • Tia
  • Ian
  • Sasha
  • 68°/35°
  • Clear Skies
  • No Snow on trail until about 1.5 mile from Boulder Shelter.
  • Some snow patches at Camp Handy.
  • Two small trees across trail.
Friday found me with commitments I could not escape. One being that I had to wait for my truck to have its 90k service finished so I could get to the trailhead. The other was that Ashley and Adam were going to stay at the house until it was time to catch their train back to Minnesota.
Saturday I was to wake up early, 4:30am, so I could reach the Upper Dungeness Trailhead with enough time to get to Camp Handy as Michael and Ian were waking up and ready to day hike to Boulder Shelter.
Thursday, Barefoot Jake and I volleyed email about hiking the Enchanted Valley four days. I was torn because I had already been invited to hike the Upper Dungeness Trail with Barking Sasquatch. In the end, distance decided the outcome.  I was was faced with circumstances that sent me to the Upper Dungeness.
It felt as if I was wasting a good day of hiking as I stayed at home. By noon I had picked up the truck after its 90k service and now awaited the arrival of Ashley and Adam. Deborah left for Portland to celebrate mothers day and I waited. Then I waited some more because I was all packed and ready to hit the trail. Finally at 10pm I get a message that Ashley and Adam had arrived at the ferry and were wondering where I was. It was the first I had heard that I was suppose to pick them up because they no longer had a vehicle.
At 12:30am I programmed the coffee maker and then asked SIRI to wake me up 4:30am. I had barely sunk into my pillow when coffee began to brew and SIRI faithfully told me it was time to wake up. At 5:10 Jessica and I were on the road to Sequim.
Sunrise from the sunroof of my truck


The drive to the trail head was beautiful!
Seven fifteen found us signing onto the Upper Dungeness Trail. I was expecting snow in the parking lot from what Michael had told me from his earlier trip but it was completely dry. It was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky and only three cars in the parking lot. The trail looked to be ours alone for the most part.
The hike to Camp Handy went unexpectedly quick. Jessica andIwere greeted by Tia and Sasha as we approached the shelter after only an hour and a half on the trail. I brought hot coffee for Michael and Ian, just wish I had stopped to get them some donuts, that would have completed the surprise.

Junction to Camp Handy


Before we started up the trail to Boulder Shelter I made camp out near the river so I could leave some things behind.

Gossamer Gear Squall tent & Marmot Plasma 15 bag
Best camp spot at Camp Handy

As we were about to start up the trail Ian said he would like to try to get to Marmot Pass, that sounded like a great idea to me as well. Snow didn’t appear on the trail until about a mile and half before Boulder Shelter and was easily passable. I hike in Merrell Barefoot’s and had no problem at all on the snow all the way to the top of Marmot.

Merrell Train Sonic Glove
An Olympic view
Upper Dungeness Trail near Boulder Shelter
Snow at Boulder Shelter area.


We stopped at Boulder Shelter for lunch. The trail to Marmot Pass is under snow but the route is not at all difficult to follow.

Barking Sasquatch & Ian snowshoe up the hillside
and Sasha finds an interesting tree.
Beautiful View
Alpine Phacelia
Jessica enjoying the view and looking for shade.
Marmot Pass & Mt. Buckhorn. Still snowed in from
the Quilcene route.
What took us about two hours to hike up from Boulder only took us about 15 minutes to get back down. The glissade down was a hell of a lot of fun. Getting back to camp didn’t take much time either especially knowing there were some cold beers waiting for us.
Sunday found Ian in a hurry to get back home for mother’s day and I had to get back to to Ashley and Adam so I could get them to the train station. It was decided to head out  around 6am. I was up and ready around 5am then waited for Michael and Ian to wake up.
Hot Chocolate. Trail Designs Caldera Keg-GVP
Camp Handy

There were only two small trees across the trail. The rest of it is in great shape as to be expected considering it’s a hiker freeway.



Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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