Making Progress


I am making progress! Excited about that and hope this new design works for everyone. In the past, my attitude was that Our Journey’s Flow was for our personal travel notes that we could access anywhere. Also to let family know where we are. In a way, I suppose that hasn’t changed but there is another aspect we need to add.


While I am not sure what we can share that hasn’t already been said or experienced by thousands of other travel bloggers, we do need to join them for resources during our retirement.


My past efforts have yielded poor results that have left Our Journey’s Flow outdated and seldom updated. However, a lot of changes have happened which needed to be checked off our list before we were able to proceed. We lost Jessica, were officially married, and now take care of parents during their final days.


This time I have a plan of focus that gives me confidence regarding this website. I am going to treat Our Journey’s Flow as a job, devoting a work schedule to these pages. Here are some things to look for soon and how I plan to structure this venture.




This has three categories.

  • Travelogue – The adventure journal.
  • Reflection – Topics on our mind.
  • Literary – Short stories and poems.



The plan is to put my research data here while planning trails to either hike or bike. Perhaps you will find the information useful as well. I may change these categories to “Bikepacking” and “Backpacking” trails instead of regions like I have now.


At the moment Trails is categorized by –

  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Washington
  • Oregon



People always want to know what products are being used and how functional these items are. It is useful information and can be entertaining. We will discuss what we are using, have used, and which items did not work for us.



This is what it implies – my photographs. Here you will be able to view my favorite work and have the option to purchase prints if you like. Hopefully enough will sell to give us a few pennies towards our journey.




This is a topic I have not added to the menu yet but am working on. To better understand the wilderness we are experiencing, this is where I would like to put my research notes about the plants, animals, and geology we encounter. Hopefully gain insight from our readers on some we can’t find information about.




This online venture intimidates me but seems to be the current path to take for those of us who travel as a way of life and need to create income. I have no idea where this is going but have an idea where I would like it to go. The time has arrived to face my fears and mingle with society.


Be mindful, Be peaceful, We are all nature.


Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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