The Same Echo

The fact that events are happening at a rate faster than I am capable of writing is quite evident when looking at my lack of updates to Journey’s Flow. My desire to write seems strong within my thoughts, however, my lack of action proves otherwise.

So I ride the repetition of mentioning how I want to write and then go silent for months at a time. Once again here I am.

The following is a short list of what I am working on that are sitting in the drafts folder.


My Event Wish List to Post…


Jessica’s Passing

On a full moon and earth day, 13 days after Edison’s birthday, Jessica passed on April 22, 2016 at 1:11pm. Edison passed on the 13th day of November. We also realized that 4/22/16 equals our number 15. It has been Deborah’s favorite number for years and it is the number I was born on (4+2+2+1+6=15). Jessica died in her truck, a place that was alway her sanctuary from a puppy and throughout her 14 years. Suppressed emotion is the only way I am able to deal with this right now which is why I’ve been unable to post about her.






Fairbanks Trip to Photograph Northern Lights

February 26, 2016 I went to Fairbanks with a photographer friend so we could capture some Northern Lights. The light shows during the week were disappointing but I had a fun time regardless.





Route 65 Bikepacking Trip

Adventure Cycling was promoting a Bike Travel Weekend on June 3-6, 2016. I created a route that left our cabin in Quilcene and did a 65 mile loop that ended up being more like 75 miles. It took us to Sequim Bay, Sequim, Dungeness Forks, Bon Jon Pass, Lords Lake, and back to Leland Lake.






Wallowa Lake Trip

On June 16, 2016 our dear friend Scott and his girlfriend Anja drove from Florida to meet us at Lake Wallowa for a couple days. When we parted ways a road trip back to Portland finished the journey.






Bullet List of Posts in the Works
  • Mt. Baldy Hike – 5/14/2016
  • Mt. Zion Hike – 5/12/2016
  • Cabin Update
  • Begin Some Plant Data Pages
  • Add More Trail Pages


Guess we will see how far I get.


Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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