2015 Jeep Cherokee at Obstruction Point


The one memory about the drive to Obstruction Point that touched me the most was not the incredible view, nor the alarming lack of snow. It was the fragrance.


This time of year cool mountain breezes carry a distinct aroma through awakening SubAlpine Fir that first begin picking up notes from the soil of recently melted snow and blooming Avalanche Lily’s. It is much more prominent near temporary streams. And is one of a few wilderness experiences that fills me with with the breath of life.


All the windows as well as the sunroof were open in our Jeep Cherokee. This is when I caught the first scent. The rest of the eight mile drive to Obstruction Point was full of memories that make the present moment divine.


I will be in this area twice during the month of June and I wanted to check snow conditions. If this weather keeps up the Olympics with start growing Palm Trees. The rainforest moss is already dying at an alarming rate. What use to be long beautiful green strands of moss are turning brown and vanishing.


The first visit will be a seven day loop leaving Slab Camp to Deer Park and then traversing Grand, Cameron and Lost Passes. We will then take Gray Wolf Trail back to Slab Camp with a stop at Cedar Lake.


The second hike will leave Obstruction Point in what I have named my 6-Pass Route. It crosses Grand, Cameron, Lost, Hayden, Constance and Marmot passes. Exiting Upper Big Quilcene Trail.



Avalanche Lily



Obstruction Point


The dusty narrow eight mile Obstruction Point road is a scenic wonder that many visiting Hurricane Ridge fail to experience. It passes by Steeple Rock, Eagle Point, and Obstruction Peak high above Lillian Creek. With views of Mount Olympus and the heart of the Olympic mountains it is worth a very slow drive. This is also a great place to watch Olympic Marmot play in the sun.


Obstruction Point Topo

Topo Route from Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point.


Olympic Marmot


Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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