Edison Watching A Lake Crescent Sunset

Dear Edison,

Yesterday your mom and I cried. The sky was blue and the scent of freshly cut grass was mixed with apple blossoms. Birds were singing and rabbits played in the yard. You’re mom made another wonderful breakfast that was enjoyed on the deck. Everything was perfect except for one thing…you were not here. The absence of your bark breaking the silence was too much for us, all that we could do was cry. Jessica tries very hard to fill your paws as well as hers. You are just too difficult of an act to follow.

Watching your last two breathes float away and feeling the weight as you relaxed into my hands haunts me everyday. I almost wish I wasn’t there but you were always by my side when I needed a friend.

Every journal, every blog I write begins with, “Dear Edison,” in honor of all you taught me and the person you have helped me become. You kept this family together, helped me control my anger, and taught me that a heart is large enough to unconditionally love everyone as long as they were not wearing a long black coat. Still not sure what you had against those coats.

I’m sure Jessica misses you. She avoids your window of the truck, the one both of you used to fight for. In spite of her always bossing you around, you were the big brother she looked to for direction. We had no idea how much until you left.

I could go on and on but thought that I would let the thousand words of photos finish the story. Sorry that some of the photos are bad but I really wanted it to look like a family photo album full of snapshots.

I love and miss you Edison…and I hope you are resting in peace.


First Day. 9 weeks old.
Resting Above 5050 Pass, Tunnel Creek
My Cookie
Most of us would sleep on top of the bed…
11 weeks old
The Kitchen Pose. One you practiced all your life.
Happy family
Sorry, it had to be done…
Dead bug impression
Gathering firewood
Camping in the early years.
Edison Field
REI Employee
Happy Birthday to you… 
What was I drinking last night?
Sending a Pmail message
Waiting for mom to come home
I love you mom…
April 09, 2000 – November 13, 2011



Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.


  1. awwwwwwww. that was very sweet. he was such a great dog! and sooo beautiful! and what a super adorable puppy! we really hope to get a gorgeous aussie like him for us and Zoe to enjoy as much as you guys enjoyed Edison! and none of those pictures were ugly at all..! ~Hannah =]

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