Sea Grass Along Cape Disappointment

2019 And A Beach…

Many have been here before and I wonder throughout the millennia how many footfalls have etched their memory upon the sand, only to be erased by waves and winds in time.

On this day the sun was comforting, the breeze was welcome, and the company of friends made our footsteps a special moment. A new year was about to begin and we were enjoying nature’s show at Cape Disappointment on Beard’s Hollow beach access.

The last time me and Deborah sat here it was with Jessica. There are many places that have reminded us of this. Those special times accompanied by Jessica and Edison now memories and photographs. The beach has a way of washing up the past and carrying it away with every wave.

Sea grass…just sea grass…

Often I focus my thoughts on future days when we will be bikepacking and backpacking from one horizon to another. The hour is so close, so far away, and always right now in my mind.

2019 is to be our transition year. Taking care of all the final pieces so that we can pedal off into the sunset. We have all our gear ready for a nomadic lifestyle and we are ready to have no particular place to go.

Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from Cape Disappointment and Long Beach, Washington. This is where we ended 2018 and began 2019.


Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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