Barefoot Jake setting out for Cape Johnson.
Dear Edison,
As expected, both Jake and I were the first to leave dreamtime. I fired up my new Trail Designs Caldera Keg-GVP and made some Starbucks VIA coffee to go with my granola. It wasn’t much later when the rest of the group began to awaken. Ashley can’t have caffeine so I heated water for her herbal tea. Jeanie had coffee.

GoLite Ray-Way Tarp 2 (no longer in production)
Ray Jardine sells the plans to make it yourself.


During this trip I was continually impressed with Jeanie. She has a great deal of potential to be a most incredible hiking partner. Creeks, rocks, nor logs got in her way. She crossed them all with no hesitation and without fear of being wet or uncomfortable. She learned trail etiquette quickly and fit right in with the beauty of the wilderness. I look forward to hiking with her again, and we both discussed hiking soon with Deborah and her boyfriend Dave.
The Hole In The Wall is just that, a 20-ft or so wide hole in a rock wall that allows one to pass through to an adjoining beach at low tide. Once through you can see a natural flat area made of rock that looks like a helicopter landing pad, it’s quite bizarre. 

Hole In The Wall


Our hike today was a short two miles as we were going to camp at Cape Johnson. We would have hiked in to here the night before but the tide was too high and I didn’t think Ashley would feel comfortable about taking the overland route, especially at night.
The walk was beautiful and uneventful as we navigated across slippery kelp beds, slick rocks, and pebble beaches. Once at the campsite we claimed our tent site and began the task of assembling our nest.
I was very proud of my selection which would consist of a full beachfront view under the open protection of my tarp. I did have to modify the landing a bit to level it off. This was accomplished by placing a log at the front of the tarp opening and filling my bear canister a number of times with sand to level off the landing with the top of the log. It was perfect and I slept very well.
Campfire wood gathering, sun bathing, and quiet walks of exploration rounded out the day. Life truly was a beach this day. We had dinner at the campfire and I found the remote control driftwood that turned on the Cape Johnson Channel and we watched a romance comedy starring a young buck and two doe’s.


Adam and Ashley viewing photos.

After the show I said good night to everyone and and then lay in my sleeping bag watching the waves reach the shore and the silhouette of sea stacks slowly fade into the night. Wishing that Deborah was sleeping by my side.





Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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