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I still navigate only by map. The only GPS I carry in the backcountry is on my phone and it is only used to record a track so I can post it on this travelogue. While there have been many advances in GPS technology, I still do not trust it. Making and printing a map is still very important to me and below are a list of resources I use on a regular basis.


At some point I would like to make a final decision on which trail service to use. They are expensive and at the moment am using three of them. I don’t care much for but it is the most complete site I’ve found the covers nearly all the bases for trail information. My favorite site is AllTrails but it is lacking some very important features such as trail reports and member communication. Not sure what it is about Gaia. I really want to like and use this more but every time I get started I find myself back at AllTrails or


Yes, I could get Topo maps and route the traditional way but I like the data that is automatically calculated such as distance and elevation gain. You can also save, download, or print custom maps allowing you to carry a specific map of only the area you are hiking. Many times I will print an overview of my route and a few zoomed in areas I am uncertain about navigating. Another nice thing is being able to print off copies for everyone in your hiking party.

  • is a great source for locating wilderness areas and maps.
  • USGS Maps
    • Free Topo maps.
  • AllTrails
    • One of the best topo mapping tools I’ve found. Powered by National Geographic Maps.
    • Requires $49 year subscription to build and print maps.
    • One of the most comprehensive trail sites out there.
    • USGS Maps, Guide Book Pages, Forums, Hiker Connectivity, and GPS App.
    • Requires a $49.95 year subscription.
    • Very difficult to create a map so I use AllTrails or Gaia for map creation.
  •  Gaia GPS
    • A good mapping tool for offline routes with great Topo options.
    • Nice map sharing.
    • Requires a $39.99 year subscription.


Trail Reports and Services:


Applications You May Find Useful:

  • MotionX-GPS
    • What I use the most. Very reliable and accurate.
    • Need service to load topo data so you may see your track with no map if area not pre-downloaded.
  • Gaia GPS
    • Another favorite of mine. Very reliable and accurate. (Interface is odd to me)
    • Topo is great and downloadable.
  • AllTrails &AllSnow Apps.
    • Working on a new stable iOS App.
  • Trails
    • Very buggy and doesn’t work most the time.



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