During the past few months of hot uncharacteristic weather we have been having on the Olympic Peninsula my inner voice has been warning me of wet weather to begin our ride down the Oregon Coast. I tried to ignore it but as predicted a storm hit, actually two storms arrived on the very weekend we were to begin our ride.


The intensity of the stormy weekend closed Olympic National Park. We decided to wait them out and begin our ride on either Monday or Tuesday after we had a better idea of the weather pattern. The decision is to begin our journey tomorrow which is Tuesday. It will still be raining, but, by Wednesday it is suppose to begin clearing.


I used the time to finish up a detailed daily route and add it to my AllTrails app, make some final decisions on my travelogue workflow, and to create a new post to start it all off. I’m hoping to be much more consistent in adding content. I am sure there are a few reason that I seem to ignore as to why keeping this up to date is so difficult for me. Originally, Deborah was to be the writer and I was to do the photography. Perhaps that is how it will work out eventually.


About This Ride…

This ride has us carrying a little more than we will on a regular basis for the main reason that we want to test out a few things to see what works for us and what does not. Deborah and I have backpacking together down to a science but we are thinking bikepacking is going to create some new situations to experience. The Pacific Coast ride will give us opportunity to work on these new situations and test out some things we normally wouldn’t bring backpacking but would like to.


For example on gear, I would like to use a stove that is capable of doing much more that boiling water for a meal. So during this ride we will be using a Trangia 27-3 UL/HA stove kit. In my mind, and knowing my habits, this stove will make it convenient to eat fresh foods which in turn entices me to snack on raw foods during the day instead of processed bars and such.


In some ways it feels as though I am turning my back on the ultra-lightweight doctrine I’ve been preaching for so long but our lifestyle is about to change dramatically. So now I am looking to find a balance. This ride is only the beginning.


It’s getting late and we want to get up very early so I will stop here and see how well I do at posting during our ride.







Longway is the trail name for Tim Todd and is quite fitting due to the fact that every aspect of his life consist of taking the longest route and time to arrive. For Longway the journey is the destination.

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